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The South Derbyshire Karate Academy’s are offering a free anti-bullying and self-defence course. We believe that teaching children how to avoid being bullied or mugged in the first place is the most important lesson the children learn.

One of the most important things we stress to children is not to look like a victim in the first place. Walk tall, with your head held high, be alert, don’t wander along absorbed in your mobile phone.

If possible, stay in groups. If you are attacked, then make every effort to leave the scene, run away. Only react physically if there is no other option.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in that situation, knowing karate will be a huge help because you’ll have been there before. You’ll be used to physical confrontation, and you’ll be much less likely to freeze. But, I stress, that is the last resort. It’s better not to become a victim in the first place.

For children who have already experienced bullying, it is important to rebuild confidence. Being part of a group that has a common interest is paramount.

Sometimes children feel unable to tell their parents or a teacher that they are being bullied. Confiding in another adult, such as a karate instructor, is perhaps their one way out of the misery of being bullied.



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